Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Love Motel I Love Thee So

Korea is notorious for the "Love Motel" which can be hired for a mere few hours (condoms and porn are usually supplied) or for us cheapos, can be a decent bed for the night while on holiday.
We arrived in Busan on Friday night to stay in the Russian prostitute area and found a pretty decent room for 16,000 each for 5 of us a night.

Love Motels are pretty seedy, they cover the number plates of cars in the car parks and are known for business to take the prostitutes back to but, to the average unmarried, living at home Korean couple they must be a god send for the libido.


GW said...

are you saying it was an 80,000 room or you had 5 room for 16,000 each

Jenna said...

On the first night we had 2 rooms between 5 people, it was 80,000 altogether and 16,000 each.
The night was a bit cheaper, we had 7 people between 3 rooms and that was 105,000 divided between us. Cool huh? Not the most comfortable sleep with 3 people in a bed but it's not too bad.

Natalia Neimane said...

This is incredibly ignorant of you to say that it's specifically Russian Prostitute Area! I know that there are a lot of Russian girls working in the "entertainment sector", but you just put whole nation under one horrible stereotype. I suppose you assume that none other nationality prostitutes exist in Korea, do you? Next time think twice before writing something like that, cuz there might other Russian students who live in Korea ,such as myself, reading this...

Jenna said...

Hi Natalia,

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I wasn't say the whole of Busan and/or Korea was a Russian prostitute area, with only Russian prositutes. I was saying our Love Motel in Busan was in an area that was known specifically where Russian prostitutes worked. How did I know this? There were many Russian cafes, with brothels out the back - it was not hidden.
Also, coming from a country where prostitution is a legal profession, I do not believe that this is a horrible stereotype, I was just merely stating the experience that I personally had.
I definitely know that there are prostitutes from other countries in Korea, just as there are all sorts of foreigners working in many types of jobs in Korea.