Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am the ultimate photo snapper, my little crappy hand held camera is permanently in my hands and on my last few days in London it finally died a sad death. AHHH! I feel this really weird nakedness and I almost don't want to see amazing things or people because my thoughts go "I need to take a...damn." Though, being the optimist that I am, there's only one thing that a broken camera means: new camera!

Not only that, while I was trying to back up a bunch of my photos my computer just flipped out and "deleted" a bunch of them. (I say "deleted" because I know they must be in my computer somewhere.)
Sooo I had this great bunch of Lisbon characters photos and I can't put them up yet. But I will when I can because there were some definitely elderly cuties there.

I am back in Korea, I really got a bit worried about coming back to Korea after watching very dramatic BBC (of course) news footage of North Korea but as my co-worker said to me yesterday, "We South Koreans do not care." It seems pretty chilled out, so I am not too worried. 
I got off the plane and went straight to work yesterday. My work was ABSOLUTELY amazing yesterday and got some of my classes subbed so could sleep. So I am really not feeling as bad as last time (though it's 5am right now, but I feel I have some more sleep in me.)
It's the beginning of my last full semester so I am gaining a bunch of new students and this week is just full of placement testing and getting blank stares from the tiny newbies.

I wish I was still in London hanging out with Stu (between not having a Stu and not having a camera things definitely aren't the most awesome they could be) but the most encouraging thing to come back to is that I am really on the home straight with only 4.5 months to go AND it's so warm here AND I get to hang with my K-town friends AND I get to eat kimbap and bibimbap again AND wee Lucy arrives this week for a holiday ~ yay for optimism! 

I will leave you with some pictures of my great London (but really New Zealander) friends. I spent alot of riding dutch time on the back of Stu's amazing bike. So fun! I also got to watch his new band Fulangchangandi play.
I didn't even go to the city - just stayed mostly around east London, spending time with my dear friends and relaxing. The weather was fantastic and I was so sad to leave. Just because relaxing with my friends is way better than working.


Lucinda said...

it is not even fair how much i miss you cats. like seriously. perhaps i'm feeling overly emo due to beirut popping up on shuffle while reading your post but i had mad last-year camp flashbacks and am feeling mighty nostalgic. :( glad you had fun in london tho, and poos about your camera!

Jenna said...

Aw Lucy!
it's ok ~ you will have Stu and I over the summer! and I bet you will be like "'s like they never left."

Richarquis de Sade said...

Hey Jenna, it's Richard again, Te Papa guy in Changwon. Check for software that recovers damaged or deleted files, and whatever you do, don't try and add to the card or alter any of the files on it before reading all the instructions thoroughly! I've made that mistake once. Otherwise, try opening the files in a different OS - if you're running windows, try linux or mac. I lost files in Linux, and they showed up in XP. Good luck, and ask me if you need any help - I'm not a genius with computers or anything, but I've done this before, and I'm only a couple of hours away. R