Monday, June 29, 2009

The UN Memorial, Busan

I always feel a little patriotic when I see the New Zealand flag here. 
34 NZ soldiers died in the Korean war and we were actually one of the first countries to respond to the call for help from the UN, sending the highest number of soldiers per capita to Korea.
It was also lovely to met up with Julia my friend from Dunedin and Richard - who both live in Changwon which is close to Busan. Lately, I have been so spoiled with being able to see friends from home.
This monument is so lovely, the stone is sourced from NZ and it is representative of the woman's moko (facial tattoo) and the strength they had when their men went to and died at war. 
My two Dunedin friends from home bonding.

Camera Games.

Fat Face.

You just farted on a bus.

You cut your finger off.

You just ran into your ex.
You thought you were a horse, but you are actually a unicorn.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busan Street Food

The biggest chicken on a stick I have ever seen.

Fireworks and Carnivals Oh My!

Because Busan is not much of a party town at the moment we ended up on the beach lighting fireworks and at a wee carnival on the waterfront. Oh so fun, my knee is still a little tender from the mechanical bull but it was worth it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ooooh yeah - Outdoor Foot baths.

We just stumbled across this public bath for feet - filled to the brim with ajjuma's and ajjoshi's, who were all relaxing after a long day of hiking and being cute.
The water must have been about 40 degrees and it was absolutely lovely and after our exhausting day of, you know, lying on the beach, it was perfect.

Hyundai Beach, Busan

BUSAN, it's just a mere 3 hour trip away on the speedy KTX which is a train that goes up to 300km p/h. It's well known for it's beaches and laid back lifestyle - so we were keeno to go check that shiz out.
This what else I noticed:
- Fatter Koreans, who are not worried about getting a tan and who are wayyy more casually dressed. In general I think people aren't as into their looks as they are in Seoul. People seemed to just move at a slower pace - especially on the subway.
- Many Russian prostitutes and many people that probably thought we were Russian prostitutes.
- No partying really going on. Except our party. And the ajjuma's and ajjoshi's dancing with glow sticks at the 70's and 80's club.
- Hyundai Beach - the famous beach where everyone goes to see and be seen.

There was adorable Korean babies aplenty.

And adorable foreign tourists.^^

There were leathery exhibitionists every where.

Despite how it looked, the water was chilly as. Not as cold as Dunedin though.

You definitely still needed your sun umbrella.

Sleepy times.

These men were having a muscle flexing contest and then one of them just broke into song.

The ajjoshi's and ajjuma's were rocking it.

And the kids were up to some serious business.

These poor dogs were wet AND in togs.

I'll leave you with one more cutie.