Saturday, May 2, 2009

Waist-Down - Skirts by Miuccia Prada.

This Miuccia Prada exhibition is a collection of skirts from I think about 2002-2007 and is an exploration of the idea and beauty of the skirt as well as the function. The small space presents the skirts in many different ways - swirling, swishing, sacked, magnified and vacuumed packed. Even though many of the skirts weren't to my taste they were fabulously displayed highlighting the artistic construction and beauty of fabric and fashion design. 
This skirt exhibition is just the beginning of a massive project where the boundaries of space are pushed and architecture, fashion, film and art are brought together in a fantastic, collaborative mix.
Prada and architect Rem Koolhaas are responsible for this building called "The Transformer" where there are four sides - a hexagon which is the base for the skirt exhibition, a square which will provide a cinema, a cross which will be the floor for an art exhibition and a circle which will hold a special event. Throughout the year, between each event, a crane will flip the building to adjust the space. So interesting!
You can read more at the website.

After this we walked down the lovely Cheonggyecheon and came across this lovely yet wind swept installation.

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