Friday, May 15, 2009

Songmo-Do Island

The company I work for promises the teachers 4 cultural field trips in our contract and after 7 months I finally got to go on my first trip to Songmo-Do Island.
This is my second island I have visited this month and I on both of these ferry trips I have discovered a common pass time that Koreans love to do: this is to feed seagulls squid flavoured chips.
It went against everything I have ever learned, but it was kinda of hilarious and a bit scary (in the way of being pooed on.) These seagulls must be the luckiest seagulls in the world.
I also spotted this bad ass babe on the ferry.
We then headed to the famous Buddist temple on the island, we had to walk up a GIANT hill (I had to use my extreme muscle power to pull up a tired Sarah.)
There were such beautiful, non photographable temples that were just so breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.
Buddha was just everywhere.
As always, the ajosshis were just chillin.
You then head up even more stairs to reach the top of the mountain. (Couple look going to see Buddha - zing!)
Then, right at the top are many people praying to Buddha. Mostly grandmothers with walking sticks, hobbling up the mountain and then bowing up and down for such a ridiculously dedicated long time. 
Wishes were everywhere over the mountain - hanging from the lanterns, written on plaques and coins were placed on the rocks. Translated, most of the wishes were hopes for family health and good marks at school.
At the bottom of the mountain there were, as always, there were some beautiful Korean grandmothers just doing their thing, just as they do all day, everyday.
On the way home, we stopped at the beach for some token jumping pictures. So much traveling, so tiring. But lovely.

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