Saturday, May 2, 2009

John Kay

It was Mark's birthday so we went to Sinsa area to have some delicious din dins at an Italian restaurant called "A Story". OMG it was so delicious, we sat outside, drank sangrias and ate delicious pizzas and salads.

We went on a search for a place to drink and found a cute looking soju cocktail bar, when we ventured inside to the fourth floor we were greeted by a Korean man that looked straight out of an early 90's boy band.
"How did you know this place?" 
"We saw it from the outside"
"Oh, ok tehehe"
It turns out that we had guessed the wrong floor from the outside and we were in a wine bar, but Kiss from a Rose by Seal came over the sound system and we were set - ordering Argentinian red wine and listening to the most ridiculous late 80's/ early 90's power ballads that matched perfectly this man's fashion style. His name was John Kay (last name originally Kim but he thought Kay sounded better.)
"Where did you learn English? It is very good."
"From 5 years old, my mother made me listen to an English audio tape for 30 minutes every 
morning. If I did not listen to it, she would punch me. I listened to it every day for 11 years."

As hits artists such as Extreme, Bonnie Tyler and Rick Astley played we marveled at how lucky we were to find this bar and then our new friend admitted to us that he was a salsa dancer. It didn't take much coaxing to get him to dance for us.
Terrible lighting for video, amazing slinky dancing. Pure amazingness.

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