Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Pink Seoul Love

You know when a festival theme colour is hot pink it has to be exciting. After stumbling upon the Chungdeok-Gung Palace events, Kayla and I came across the Cheonggyecheon bustling with people and dotted in pink - the final day of the Hi Seoul Festival.
We got to write messages on buttons:
And pose with old fashioned Seoul photo sets complete with dressed up characters. I very embarrassingly almost pulled the hair shop apart, as a crowd of Koreans watched and took photos.
This AMAZING dance was performed where each dancer wore a t-shirt with a date on it, I felt sorry for the dancers because it was so hot. I took a really crappy video but it was really cool so you should watch it. 

And what's better than couple look t-shirts? "Daddy" and "Baby" t-shirts. Something I'm spotting more and more of these days.

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