Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Finnish are odd looking people.

Just waiting in Helsinki for flight to London. Zing!


Leilana said...

oh. my god!

p.s. Finnish people are super hot.

satu said...

hi, i have just found you blog and now i've been reading it all day long. so nice! i've been in korea few years ago and coming back in few months.

greetings from finland! :D

Jenna said...


Oooh I hope I didn't offend anyone with my Finnish comment! I thought about it and I think it was because everyone was white and blonde rather than Korean. But there were some interesting hairstyles I must say.^^

Thanks Satu for lovely blog comments! I will be back in Korea in about a week ~ woot!

satu said...

i'm not offended, i think it was so funny the see the post when i found your blog! ^__^ i'm sooo white and won't tan that much in the summer time. to think positive maybe korean girls will envy my fair skin!