Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's your agey?

In Korea there is a whole different age system and it can get a little confusing. 
Your age starts the minute you are conceived so when you are born you are 1 year old, so when I moved here I automatically became 24 years old rather than 23.
BUT what happens that instead of turning a year older on your birthday is that everybody turns a year older on January 1st. So now this makes me 25. There are babies here that were born in December and then in January they click over to being 2 years old.
Ugh numbers, they are exhausting. I don't really know how old I am anymore.

Anyway, this can pose some difficulty when you are teaching because when you are told what age you are going to have to prepare for - they are really 2 years younger. 
This recently came to light when we had a bunch of kindergartners visit our school and I was teaching them how to make cookies. They were BABIES! barely out of nappies - I don't even think they could speak Korean properly let alone English. It's definitely a different type of teaching when the children can't get on their chair alone and need their noses wiped often. 
Nether the less they are soooo cute and there is nothing more than a Korean baby who can melt your insides. Here are some cuties to brighten your Wednesday.

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