Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ode to Jade Goody

Ok, this isn't really an ode to Jade Goody, a British reality T.V. star. But because of her recent death at age 27 of cervical cancer. Even though I only had a smear last year it freaked me out and I feel I need another.
Anyway, in Korea normal doctors don't give smears so you have to go to a gynecologist so I called 1330 English hotline and no doubt the conversation was awkward and confused.

Hello, I would like to get an information about a gynecologist in the Wang-Dang-Dong area.
Sorry? A college?
No, a gynecologist - a doctor.
Oh a doctor! What is wrong?
I need a cervical smear?
A what?
Cervical smear.
What part of your body hurts?
It doesn't hurt, but I need a doctor for my vagina.
Vagina? Sorry I don't know that vocabulary.
Hmmm I will spell* gynecologist for you G-Y-N-E-C-O-L-O...
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes I know...hahahahaha.

It was pretty funny. I still haven't booked the appointment - now I have the fun of repeating this scenario when I ring the hospital.

*Spelling over the phone does not always work for me as I have learned that we New Zealanders have a retarded way of saying the alphabet - especially e, f, n, m, s. (Usually I would use the word different rather than retarded, but believe me when you have a class of 12 Korean children repeating what you say back to you - it sounds retarded.)
Yesterday, I said the word "seven" to one of my students, he said, "No teacher - not seevin, it's sehvan". I'm not sure what I can say about having a 10 year old Korean child correcting my speaking but at least he's listening huh?

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