Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If there ever were a day for teleporting to Dunedin (despite the hailstorms) today would be it as my family have all gathered together at home for the funeral of my great Aunty Myrl.  
One of the things that scares me about being overseas and being away from my family and friends is that they may not be home when I get back and today I really ached to be at home with everyone. Especially to say goodbye to my lovely aunty who had a fantastic smile, a great sense of humour and always dressed beautifully.
Here is my Nana, Myrl and George at my 21st in 2006.

There is this great Australian musician Pikelet, who sings this beautiful song "A bunch" that says, "To all of those that I love so dear, thank you for surviving this far and making now." I have seen her live a couple of times and she is super fantastic and I dearly love the lyrics to that song, it is fitting for how I feel today.

Here is Pikelet on the nice stage at Camp A Low Hum in 2007, she does all that cool looping stuff that I could only dream of doing.


mp3foley said...

Wish you were here too! Love Mum xxx

Jenna said...

Thanks mum xxx