Monday, April 27, 2009

Lotus Lantern Making Festival.

In preparation for Buddha's birthday this Saturday we headed to the parade in Insadong as a part of the Lotus Lantern making festival. The only parades I can actually remember going to are the Dunedin Santa Parade and the Movie World Parade at the Gold Coast and these weren't really worth remembering, so I was rather excited. Though, I must make a point that this past weekend was bloody cold and that was not exciting.

Armed with umbrellas and newly purchased Lotus flowers, we waited for the parade to start. (Lucky Danny was surrounded by the ladies.)

The lotus flowers were so cheap and beautiful and the proceeds went to a good cause. I should have got more than one.

While waiting, we saw some beautiful Korean dancers, frighteningly young policemen and we found the lovely Japanese artist Yoko from yesterdays art gallery trip.
During the parade, every time I saw another huge, lit up, smoking "finale" float it was followed by a huge, lit up, fire breathing float.

This parade honestly went for about 2.5 we sneaked away, warming our tired. cold bodies with some tea from yet another delicious Insadong tea house.

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