Sunday, April 19, 2009

LOTTE WORLD #!: Where dreams are made.

First thing you need when you go to Lotte World is a crew. Preferably, an awesome crew.
Oh but hang on. Your crew needs some ridiculous headbands.
Ok, that's better...

Too many rides too mention: some were death defying, some were fit for grandmas. We managed a nice mix of the two.
Look at this! The people that go on this ride must be amazingly brave...
...which is definitely not me - so I took charge of bag holding and picture taking.
Crazy costumed characters.
Oh, and then you go INSIDE where it just gets more ridiculous: Balloon rides, roller coasters, performances, boat rides, ice rink, 80's enchantment room and lots of food.
The whole experience was like a Korean Las Vegas dream in 28 degree heat. I am so sleepy, sunburnt and my tummy is still a little wobbly. Totally worth it.
Thanks to Mark, Kayla and Sarah for pictures, it's made my blog look waaaay cooler.^^


Jessica said...

OMG I Love love love your blog, I'm planning on starting a 12 month contract in September and been doing some research and this is just the nicest and most re-assuring blog i have found. Thanks so much. ps so excited about Lotte World. It looks immense, that flamingo pedalo 'thing' has also got me... am obsessed with flamingos!. x

Jenna said...

oh wow!
Thank you Jessica ~ I am very flattered^^