Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Korean Paparazzi

Saturday night was followed by a hazy and seedy feeling Sunday, so Kayla and I headed off to Jamsil Cherry blossom festival to drink coffee and eat pepero on the side of the lake, basking in the beautiful 25 degree weather of the weekend.

There were Koreans in giant visors with giant cameras for miles, all ready to partake in some spring time cherry blossom viewing. We spotted some super cuties among the masses.
The ajumma and ajoshi paparazzi that followed us were outrageously persistent and would climb on rocks and through grass to get the perfect close-up of our foreign faces. I think when I go back to the real world* my ego is definitely going to be deflated not having the Korean paparazzi following us and telling us of their envy for our small faces.

*Outside of the Korea bubble.

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