Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Shit.

I think it is very well known that Korea has a very high rate of suicide. Whether it's to do with studying, money, family or relationships, there is an extremely high rate of pressure that is put onto oneself to be a success.

I have this one devil class in which there are 3 students. I can not control them. One student is fine and quite adorable but he is bullied for doing his work, the little one is extremely young with a short attention span and is easily distracted by the third student: the asshole. He is very smart and perfectly normal but in general a 10 year old asshole. So once the asshole starts jumping on the chair and shouting "no!" whenever I say anything, the little one usually follows suit.

I have always had a bit of sympathy for the little one. He has already told my co-teacher he hates learning English and is tired of studying. But he has really started acting out - ripping up any paper I give him, running around in circles and screaming and literally making teaching impossible. I go so over it today that I marched him out of the classroom and got him to sit in the back of another teachers class. 

He literally just lost it - he bawled like a little baby and was inconsolable for a straight 30 minutes. I immediately lost my angry teacher face, held his hand and stroked his hair trying to get him to calm down, because obviously him being told off was not what he was crying about.

We walked down to my classroom and my co-teacher came into the room to tell off asshole in Korean for another incident that happened while I was dealing with little one. Then little one went over to the window and started climbing out of it (we're on the 2nd floor). Luckily, my co-teacher was close to him and had her hands on him. He then told her he did not want to live because he goes to too many academies. 

From what I understand - it is semi sorted now. his parents were told and my co-teacher advised his mother that they should let him study less and maybe even drop an academy. She doesn't want him to stop studying because he is their only child and they want him to achieve well. What?!! This kid is 6 or 7 years old!!

This whole situation is baffling and frustrating, meanwhile I am expecting him in class tomorrow and between asshole kid and him I'm not sure how it is going to turn out.


Elizabiscuit said...

whoah, intense!

Hard to comphrehend, really.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty hard to teach as a teacher and student as well

the thing is that the suitside syndrom is too familiar to surprise many people

Jenna said...

Yes, suicide pops up on T.V. alot and Korea has such a high rate of itv- it must seem so familiar and almost normal to some Koreans.

It's been a week or so now and he seems to be better - I just watch him like a hawk whenever he is near the window or carrying scissors. (Yesterday he cut a big chuck of his hair out.)