Saturday, April 25, 2009

The first stop on the super highway

Guess who I found yesterday! Well, I didn't really find her - because we had organised to meet up but lovely Ali Bramwell from Dunedin was in Seoul for an artist trip. It was the first time that I had someone from home in Seoul with me and it was so good! I don't even have photographic evidence that she was here. But it's true.

We tripped out to the wop wops - Nam June Paik Art Center for the special show "The first stop on the super highway" and it was absolutely worth the hour bus ride there. Nam June Paik is a video art GENIUS and this gallery represents his life and art in a fantastic way. There is his permanent exhibition downstairs and then upstairs there are curated shows "in the spirit" of his work. There are T.V's and robots for Africa!

TFSOTSH is curated by Tobias Berger and the idea of the show is to portray "Paik's aspiration to enlarge communication between different communities to together." There is a bit more to the concept of course but you can read about it on the website. 

I was so excited to see Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries (FAV Korean artists EVER!) and their work just keeps getting better. They collaborated with Takuji Kogo to put together a beautiful work in 2 parts called "DMZ bus tour with Bulgogi lunch" and "If I were you I would go to the palace." It is thought provoking, witty,  sentimental, sad, frustrated and I think comments very well on the relationship between North and South Korea. You can actually watch it right here. Turn your volume up. So. good.

Other highlights:


ok korea said...

good bloggin' missy.

Jenna said...

Aw thank you. We may have to stop hanging out, our blogs are becoming too similar...NAH!

SK said...

looks like a cool exhibit!! i should go and check it out...

Jenna said...

Yes you should! It's worth the trip~~
I think it ends May 26th.