Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Koreans in Insadong

When I am feeling a bit home and love pangy (which I been feeling a bit lately) the best place to cheer me up is Insadong.  Beautiful old men sit here all day in their most fashionable suits and hats and chat amongst each other, they are just so adorable and I only wish I could speak to them. 
The cherry blossoms are out everywhere and the mood around the Korea is very happy. Maybe it is due to the fact that North Korea's rocket plan went kaput today, but I think the true reason is that it is now officially spring.


Leilana said...

Jenna, this blog made me feel so warm anda fuzzy, and impressed.

Bogot√° is sunny and bright today, and on the way to work in the collectivo (crazy bus) there was this awesome row of red brick apartment buildings (very common here) and I felt TOTALLY at ease and happy and awesome. I am glad the same kinds of things are happening for you in Korea! (despite the home and love sickness, which is only normal).

xoxox !!

Jenna said...

I wish you could teleport over here and see this area of Seoul. You would DIE it's so lovely!