Friday, April 3, 2009

And you think you have a shit life...

Meet "Mystical", probably the angriest cat I have ever met. Not only does she has to spend her time in this ridiculous get up but she lives at Home Plus department store surrounded by dogs.
Yes that is blusher on her cheeks and yes that is a blue tail.


gigi said...

Poor Mystical. I know it's wrong but I think she's so pretty - In fact animal cruelty has never looked cuter (except maybe that beluga whales wearing santa hats debacle).

Jenna said...

Hmmm I know it's so hard to feel sorry for her when she does look so cute. I think that most Korean animals think this is all normal as the majority of dogs and cats are dressed like this.
Last week, when i was teaching kindy's and we were making farm noises - their version of the dog voice was "beegle, beegle" said in a really high pitched voice.