Monday, March 23, 2009

Korean Food Series #2: Tonkatsu Kimbap

Many people call kimbap sushi, but sushi it is not! The way I can describe it is that it is a more dense, salty version. And it's super cheap! I pay around $2.50 for a roll (approx. 10 pieces.)
This is at my favourite local kimbap shop - I had it 3 times last week for lunch!
This is the kimbap making station.
My favourite flavour at the moment is the pork cutlet "tonkatsu". It is made just like a sushi roll but with egg, ham, carrot, pickled radish and some other bits that I can not identify.


GW said...

i usually spell it "dangaseu" but maybe the "ton katsu" refers to what looks like a bit of fried pork cutlet in there

never seen it in kimbap. looks tasty

Jenna said...

yeah! pork cutlet it is! Katsu comes from Japan (hence the spelling.)
Now that I have looked into it...I think you are actually supposed to write tonkatsu in one word. I've never read the menu - I'm just known as tonkatsu takeout girl. So delicious!