Thursday, March 19, 2009

Korean Food Series #1: ShaBu ShaBu

When I first moved to Korea and tried the food I wasn't amazingly impressed. Like, it was good but I wasn't blown away by it or anything but recently, I have been going through a Korean food revolution. I am craving it all of the time, my tolerance for spice has quadrupled and I am getting more and more acquainted with our local Korean diner-type restaurants. Korean food is delicious!
Korean Food #1 is ShaBu ShaBu...This is Ellie, she is serving some cucumber/seaweed cold soup as a starter, and of course there is some kimchi and salad.Then you add mushrooms, greens and other wee bits into a boiling pot and let it cook for a bit. Next you add the beef (on the left) and let it cook some more. You start eating straight from the pot.After you have finished the meat and vegetables , you cook some udon noodles in the same pot of water.Then, what you are supposed to do is stirfry this rice mix in the pot and eat it with a spoon. However, Ellie and I were INCREDIBLY full and just couldn't do it. Some restaurants give you plum tea afterwards to help with digestion. It is all very delicious and very healthy (from what I hear) but god damn I get sleepy after eating all that food!

Ellie is my lovely old adult student that I sometimes put her emails on Harrow Kimchi. Over the past five months her English has just gone from strength to strength and she is now writing her own english blog! She wrote about our evening too, so you should read it ~ it's so cute!


Leilana said...

Ellies blog is awesome, and you DO look like an adorable dolly! What a great way to describe you. xo

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