Wednesday, March 18, 2009

how's the weather?

Bloody Brilliant!
I haven't worn my Glassons black merinos for 2 days. TWO DAYS! I'm in a t-shirt! T-SHIRT! It's going to be warm all week!
With this change in weather we also have the introduction of yellow dust. The are sandstorms in the Gobi desert in Northern China, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria and these sandstorms kick up lots of dust that travels all the way to Korea and Japan.
So it's pretty bad to be outside too much because the dust can cause problems with breathing and/or allergies.
The U.S. Army have a yellow sand/ Asian dust monitoring system and currently we are code blue, which means "unhealthy", and it's just beginning.

My advice to you New Zealanders out there is to suck up all the fresh air you can and suck up some for me too!

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