Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was an only child until age 20 and then when my new and exciting sibling Eylish was 6 months old I moved into my parents house in Arrowtown and was her nanny* for 3 months. 

I just gladly received new pictures of the wee dear, making some art of all things - I taught her well!

Eylish is turning 4 next week and then in a mere few weeks, we will be gaining another sibling (I know what flavour sibling they are but certain family members don't so I can't reveal...^^) but of course I will let you know when it happens!

*Nannying: the ultimate birth control.


Elizabiscuit said...

YAY! hooray for both future and exisiting siblings!

Jenna said...

better late than never huh?

ruichel said...

HAHHAHAH "the ultimate birth control..."
as long as it doesn't also control the urge to have kids in the future...:)

Jenna said...

Oh yes ~ I think I will really know when I would want it to happen. Jeez kids are hard work, especially when you can't give them back!