Monday, March 16, 2009

and continuing trashy TV talk...

OMG I almost peed myself with joy when some AMAZING human being posted the first episode of New Zealand's Next Top Model on youtube. It is seriously some ridiculously good television and I have been told that I have a terrible NZ accent (ahem Stuart), but these girls are freaking unbelievable.

tv3 have gone and taken down the videos already boo hoo, but I'm hoping to be able to watch it somewhere every week. If this is not possible I am expecting blow by blow details. ^^

OMG and did you see the stampede at the America's Next Top Model auditions? Some genius decided to yell that there was a bomb and they just went crazy. It was a midget stampede as this round of Top Model are for people that are under 5'7". Yay for midgets!

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Jenna said...

OK are now playing NZNTM. Yuss!