Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wee wees

I gave in and went to the doctor because I have scarily been feeling the same pain in my lower back, the same which I had before I got my kidney infection last November.
When I arrived at the doctor, the receptionist said in clear english "I remember you". No kidding, and she only saw the beginning of my hysterical crying after being told I was going into hospital.
Anyway, my doctor must of seen the fear in my eyes because after our consultation because she said "No hospital" and diagnosed me with cystitis. My years of being a lazy pee-er have caught up with me.
The pharmacist gave me a bunch of drugs and told me to drink "too much water" and rest which I will dutifully do - I don't want to be one of the women in the "depends" ads who do a wee bit of wee wees when their child jumps up and down saying "pick me up mummy".

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