Friday, February 13, 2009

Student of the Day: Bowl Cut Boy

Recently, we had to choose students from each class to compete in the G.E.C. Global Star speech and spelling bee contest. The problem with this is that you may have several members from one class that are completely capable to compete and then other classes you would be scrapping the barrel for an English speaking student. No matter what, it is a big honour for the students to be chosen - especially for their parents.

In my junior 1 class that contains bowl cut boy, caversham boy, dyslexic boy and bowl cut boys tubby friend - bowl cut bowl was indeed the most talented of the bunch.

I really thought he wouldn't care about the contest and maybe not even show up because he can be such a shit sometimes but he was so cute and got really excited. He even bought a new shirt and pants and practiced his wee speech over and over again.
His whole family showed up on Global Star day and they were so freakin proud it was adorable. But when it came to speech time and he got on stage, in front of all those people, the poor wee dear just froze and ran off stage. It really broke my heart and I really felt like crying because he was so embarrassed and his family were so disappointed. I really hope it doesn't put him off English.

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