Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Student of the Day: Blacky

I have an extremely intelligent student who has absolutely no sense of humour and every time I speak to her she answers back like I am a mere irritation interrupting the extremely intelligent thoughts in her head.

Anyway, I asked her the other day if she had an English name...
"Yes, my name is Blacky."
"You mean like Becky?"
No, Blacky. I like Black."
No very P.C. but if it works for her, it works for her.

There were pictures of items in the students workbooks such as trees, matches, dog etc. and they were supposed to draw a picture of what they can do with each item. Below the dog, Blacky had drawn an extremely happy person sitting at an empty dinner plate.
"You like dog?" (I often forget I am in Korea so initially thought this was a joke)
"Yes, it's delicious". (I KNOW that people in Korea eat dog but this was said to me in such a deadpan straight, you irritate me face that is was quite funny.)

Ah Blacky. She's so funny without even trying.


Lucinda said...

Ahahaha, what a wag. I'd probably choose Priscilla as my english name if I got to. Or George.

Jenna said...

oooh good names! I love George for a girl!

Koreans generally avoid anything with a "r" or an "f" for fear of pronunciation.