Saturday, February 28, 2009

P.Y.T. (The JT version)

This Saturday I went to the wop wops (or what the Canadians around here call the "Boonies") to visit my lovely friend Rachel.
Pyeongtak is not actually in the wop wops, it is just far, far away from my place which is a mere bus, subway and another bus ride away. I was pleasantly suprised to actually find a nice hub of shops and cafes, rather than brown farmland.
I also discovered the greatest invention, which I had heard rumours of but had never seen before. Potatoes on a stick! Koreans do love their food on a stick, but nothing beats the cheesy, deep fried potato stick goodness. delicious!
Actually, Rachel saved me the trouble and blogged about the rest of our adventures right here. It was a lovely, warm day. Spring is here! Wahey!

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