Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Post London Blues: A whiny post about Jet Lag.

I've never had jet lag before.
I mean, I thought I did when I moved to Korea but really there is only a 4 hour time difference between New Zealand and here.

Now I know what jet lag is.

I arrived in Korea yesterday quite exhausted. So exhausted in fact I had a sniffle at the airport when I tried to ask a question that couldn't be answered.
I then got the bus home, had a shower and then went straight to work. I feel asleep on my 20 minute break and had my co-teacher come find me because my students were sitting there for 20 minutes. whoopsie.
I finished work, kept myself awake until 10pm and went to sleep. I woke up every few hours and then at 6am for good. This does not make sense as at 6am in Korea and London I would be near sleeping time.
I fell asleep at 9.30am and barely made it to work on time.

I hate complaining how tired I am, I feel like it is a form of bragging because my amazing holiday made me so exhausted. But this is ridiculous. My body hates me.

Ok, so this was one of those complainy blogs that I try not to do so often. I will try and back this up with something positive as soon as I wake up properly. hmmm time to start teaching.

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