Sunday, February 8, 2009


After nursing a week of jet lag, I am now nursing a sweet soju hangover which is a sign of being back into things after a hazy, sleepy week in Korea.

I am back into Korean lessons which have just gone from basic baby steps to our teacher only speaking Korean. I need to up my study game! I am really enjoying it though, even though I think by the time that I actually learn conversation I will be finishing my contract. But I don't mind.

Last night I had a lovely Japanese dinner with Kayla and Jeff, then returned to one of my favourite, cozy Hongdae bars and had some delicious soju cocktails for Shannon's birthday. Many, many sojus later I took the last express bus home. 
I have always wondered what happened to people that sleep past their bus stop and last night I had the experience -  I woke up in god knows where, felt verrry lost for about 10 minutes, then got a taxi home. Inconvenient but not a massive deal.

Today in Korea it is the biggest the full moon will be this year. We were heading to Jade's for a pot luck and we happened to stumble upon this amazing festival where write down and put a wish in the bonfire then it floats up into the air and comes true. The festival was packed with families and it was so warmsies...we ate some candy floss and then went back to Jade's to cook some "weiners" on the roof.


ok korea said...

bonfire? rooftop wieners?!? i'm jealous.

Jenna said...

Next time, next time!