Monday, February 2, 2009

'ello Mushy Peas Special Edition #7: Fashion and Bus Rides

Things I noticed about fashion in London:
- There is an extreme case of people wearing fur coats. Vintage or fake of course.
- Extreme amounts of blusher on cheeks.
- Denim cut offs and tights. I've never been big on the shorts and tights thing - they're so much more fun in summer!
- Uggs. Everywhere. Noooooooooooooo! Keep them inside!!!
- Uncomfortable trendies. These people are dressed so cool I don't even think they realise who they are anymore.
- Hair in rollers. During the day I understand...but 4am on the bus home?

- Stu often blogs about London fashion here. I love this blog - it's hilarious.

Interesting sights on the bus ride from Shoreditch to Tottenham:
- A man obviously having a very bad day and spitting on a woman as he got off the bus. It was pretty disgusting.
- Hundreds of Hasidic Jews going to church. They were amazing
- The most pimped out old peoples scooter I have ever seen. I was so in awe I forgot to take a picture - it had a rain cover, fake flowers and everything!
- 5 men who were about to get on the bus punching the absolute shit out of each other.
- I thought that the staring only happened on public transport in Korea. This happens in London also but less obvious - people are always doing the glance and glance away stare. I bet there are so many fights from people thinking that someone is looking at them funny. I like Korea's version where you can have a good old stare without feeling creepy.

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