Sunday, February 1, 2009

'ello Mushy Peas Special Edition #6: Last Days boo hoo.

- Shopping - 2 beautiful dresses purchased.
- Haircut - yay! I could ask for what I wanted in English!
- Wine, Amazing vegetarian dinner and more wine. I ate rhubarb crumble. The memories of this are hazy.

- Lunch with my old Selwyn workmate Jo. yay!
- Me and Anthony went to look at Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and all around that area.
There was an amazing protest against Sri Lanka - they were on day 19 of a hunger strike:
We then went for a walk through St. James Park - there were amazing pelicans and squirrels:
After all this walking in ridiculous shoes I needed some nap time and then Stu and I ventured to Shepherd's Bush to the Buzzcocks. Due to myself being vertically challenged, we sat upstairs with a 90% audience of middle aged men, the other 10% being their wives.
Despite this, it was SO SO AWESOME!
So, the woman to the right of me in this picture was probably the most unexcited person I have ever seen in my life AND at this moment they were playing "Ever Fallin in Love" - WHO wouldn't be excited?! My conclusion of her mood is that it was her and her husbands wedding anniversary: she pictured a night with a bottle of red, having her feet rubbed while watching 'Notting Hill', instead he sprung her with tickets to the 70's punk band the Buzzcocks. She would have said "Im going but i'm NOT going to have a good time", and he spends the evening
being torn between trying to console her grumpy arse and singing along to the music.

Saturday merging with Sunday:
- Portobello markets in Notting Hill - Very touristy, no Hugh Grant to be seen. Lots of amazing knick knacks and amusing English people.
- Soju drinks, lots of drunken banter. Went to a trendy bar. Very funny trendsters dancing to terrible music. Amusement was lost after an hour. Back to Shoreditch house to listen to better music.
- Stu and I fell asleep on the bus. Missed our stop. Lovely bus driver let us stay asleep while he had a break before he drove back through Tottenham. Wake up at 6am after 2 hours sleep. Rush to Heathrow. Such sleepy sad goodbyes.

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