Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's about time for some bullet points

* I am having one of those lazy weeks. I have quite a lot of wee things I want to get done and usually I get up and 7am and be all productive before work but at the moment it's just not happening. Dozing until 10am, not studying enough, or making things I want to make. Dar. I'll start tomorrow! I promise!

*It's the end of the semester this week which means I will be changing classrooms and getting new children. eeek (this could be a good or bad thing).
I have finished writing comments on my students reports this week and I was pretty harsh to some of them - key words being "distracted". "disrespectful" and "disappointing". heh heh.

* We are now learning verbs in Korean. I'm at the point for every new word I learn an old one pops out the back of my brain. I am onto my 4th flashcard book.

* It's actually getting warmer. For realsies. Today it is 12 degrees. From what I hear that is around the same as Dunedin at the moment. After 2 winters in a row I am really at the end of my tether with the cold.

* I really, really wish I could see The GRAD Show at the Blue Oyster Gallery.

* Did I tell you I am going to London again? In May! Yay! Just for another 10 days. I'm on the countdown: ~84 days to go~

*Jeez I probably don't need to tell you how pissed I am at the Otago University students yet again shitting (literally) all over our city. It just makes me cringe imagining corporates in Auckland, drinking together and blissfully reminiscing about all the couches they burned and that time they threw their shit on freshers at the toga parade when they were 'back at Otago Uni' still never realising the mess that the city had to clean up after the them. ARGH! from my 8 years at Selwyn College I truly know they'll never learn.
To see the chaos for realsies here is the news item and further coverage on Campbell Live.


Lucinda said...

oh man. the toga parade just made me want to punch faces. i fucking hate that these dickheads come from all over the country to be "scarfies on the piss" in Dunedin and have absolutely no respect for the town. they wouldn't behave like this in their own town... the potential rage from their parents would ensure that.


Jenna said...

I know! and we got through our (first) degrees without being retards! it's possible!