Monday, February 16, 2009

another squiggley weekend

My squiggley weekend started with me learning some more squiggely at Korean class. I'm working on numbers at the moment, soon when I ask in Korean how much something is I will be able to understand what the answer is.
Since it was Valentine's Day I had a romantic walk through Insadong and some romantic pancakes with Rachel and Kayla.
Later on, we headed to Miint in Hongdae for the Mix Tape party, we went to one of these parties in December and there was some amazing David Bowie and Velvet Underground tunes being played. However, this time there was unexpectedly terrible, terrible music so we left 5,000 down and highly disappointed.
The girls managed to convince me that going to a hip hop club was the next best idea. It wasn't. I was grinded up against by a many a U.S. military man and 12 year old looking Korean boys in giant basketball singlets. Men were actually wearing grills. This whole situation made me a amused but a little stressed.
Kayla and I decided to sleep at the Jimjilbang, which was very squiggley of us. It was very noisy and ended up getting quite time we will bring: blanket, eye mask, ear plugs. But so cheap and amazing to wake up and relax in the sauna to start the day.

Then, to end my squiggley weekend I met up with my new language exchange partner. The idea of a language exchange is that we speak Korean for one hour and then English for the next hour.
It worked really well and the thing I am most self concious about is speaking Korean so it was good to practice.
I got a taxi to the meeting on Sunday which happens to be at a church (this is what my lessons are held through). The driver (who had great english) was very pleased with me, "oh you such a nice teacher, you're so polite and you're going to church - very good". I didn't have the heart to tell him that I am not religious at all and I was just going to my lesson. Especially when I was stepping out of the car and he called out "Have a nice pray!"


RJF said...

Oh! I want a squiggly weekend! I wish they had public baths here. I just saw Henry and he said H'lo.

Leilana said...

I would probably kill someone for that girls red shoes. LOOK at them!!

Jenna said...

Lei, you know I could track them down and send some to you ~ what size are your feet?