Thursday, January 15, 2009

Student of the Day: Yu Seha

The first good point about Yu Seha is that his name is so short I can actually remember it. (The only other Korean name I can remember is Minji.)
Yu Seha is the most tiny awkward boy I have ever seen. His voice is barely above a whisper and he kind of shyly skulks around the classroom. But in a cute way, not a creepy way.
This is what I love about him:
- He bows at me every time he sees me.
- He gives me wee treats at break time, in which he awkwardly puts it in my hand and runs away.
- We had P.E. and I was worried about him being chosen for a team. But he is actually a secret squirrel awesome soccer player. He was actually the best.
- In the past week I have seen him inching in with the cool crowd. He is not quite there...but he just needs to bring an awesome toy/snack to school and I'm sure he'll be in like a shot.

Yesterday our class made an AWESOME caterpillar.
and this is Yu Seha's S for snowman. It's so awesome, he is Shivering and the S's are made from Snakes......but what's with the penis?


gigi said...

OOh my goodness, this boy is after my own heart. I love him, especially his penis snowman drawing. I hope one day my drawings will be as beautiful, creative, and as cutting edge as his (I never even knew that snowmen had penises with hearts on them). what a cutie!

Jenna said...

hehe usually when I kid draws a penis on their picture, they are really cheeky about it and laugh alot BUT Yu Seha was just as serious as normal. It was so cute I had to put it up.

ruichel said...

um jenna reprinting an original by THE yu seha is quite offensive to me. that deserves to be in a museum and whoring it out on the world wide web.. unacceptable really. ILL be contacting his people.
aka his mom.