Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm gonna get those itches.

I love Korean Stationery. Look at my new wee flashcard book!
Isn't it cool how you can count off how many times you go through your vocabulary? Having great stationery is always great motivation to study.

I also have another new motivation to keep studying hard. I have this class "Book Club 2" and I hate them. I do not want to actually use this word for a group of 8 year old girls but it rhymes with itches.
They don't listen, they're lazy and worst of all they chant "movie! movie! movie!", "line up! line up! line up!", "go home! go home! go home!" etc.
So today, they were hard out talking about me in class while we were doing a colouring activity, "Sonsangnim this...giggle giggle, sonsangnim that...giggle giggle." I sat and created an amazing fantasy...
We are in our final class of the semester and just before they line up to go home I stand up in front of them and say in Korean, "I can understand every word you have been saying and you are all snotty wee shits."

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GW said...

please do this. you have to do this. please please don't not do this. this has to be done.