Friday, January 2, 2009


I've just come back from the Seoul International Photography Festival that was held at my favourite Old Seoul Station. 
This would have been a shit of an exhibition to curate. I felt that sometimes that some of the rooms were a bit to crammed with photographs but the curators obviously just worked the best they could with the space they had. It's so good to see this amazing building continually being used for art, as it is a piece of art in itself. 

 The exhibition was divided into 3 sections with the concepts being easily recognisable and not really outrageous - Looking Outside, Feeling Others and Going Outside. To be honest nothing really blew me away and  I was definitely more impressed with the Platform exhibition from November. However, there are some pieces worth looking at and the catalogue is bloody awesome (though photography books are one of my weaknesses). It was originally running until the 15th of Jan but now is up until 1st Feb.

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