Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The highs and lows of video streaming.

I apologise in advance for my rant about something that is pointless as television. 

The final year and a half of my degree were solely about the internet. I literally spent 6 months browsing myspace (my space, 2006) and 1 year watching youtube (The youtube Criers, 2007).
However, my internet knowledge just keeps being fulfilled as I have only discovered the joys of video streaming. (I'm a bit slow on this one.)
At the moment, the weather is averaging -4 degrees celsius and I finish teaching at 8pm. I'm sure this is the reason why I have just watched 14 episodes of Gossip Girl on the internet this past week. The problem is, I will come home and watch an episode - it will have an unbelievably exciting cliffhanger so I just have to watch the next episode (especially with Gossip Girl - what the fuck? 17 year olds? it's crazy.)

Anyway, Project Runway season 5 is on Korean TV at the moment and I had managed to get to episode 12 watching patiently every week. BUT after last nights episode, we were down to the final four contestants and alas! there was an ending full of suspense. (Isn't Kenley a bitch?!)
I thought to myself..."Hey! I can watch the next episode using this amazing video streaming dealio!"...this was working fine until I clicked the link to watch the finale.
I just have one question: Why would they have an article about the winner of Project Runway directly below the video of the finale? 
Two words: Shit Balls.

Phew! I needed to get that out of my system. Thanks.

**Update: Luckily I was blissfully unaware when I said it was -4 degrees yesterday, apparently it was actually -18. Brrrrr!


Lizzie said...

I just love love love gossip girl.
I download it each week (internet at my place is not fast enough to stream it...) but i watch it a bajillion times. My favourite character is Blair, then Chuck :)

Jenna said...

Hey Lizzie!

Just found your comment! oh man new episode of GG is coming verrry soon after a long wait! yuss ^^