Sunday, January 25, 2009

'ello Mushy Peas Special Edition #3: food, 'arrods and drinking

- Me and Stu went to the Burrough Markets were I was totally overwhelmed with delicious organic non-Korean food choice. OVERWHELMED!! Highlight: My first flat white in over 3 months.

- Then we went to Harrods. It was ridiculous. The toy section was pretty amazing and we ate some yummy tapas. Highlight: Anti-fur protesters.

- It was Matt's birthday - yay! We went to a delicious New Zealand burger restaurant that had good ol' tomato sauce bottles. 
- Then off to Crobar which is like a cleaner version of the crown. Highlight: The androgyneous David Bowie lookalike AND all the dudes crawling all over floor looking for their hash AND the copious amounts of Queen that was coming out of the jukebox.

- We then went to a house party. It was housey and it got waaay better when DJ Stuey Stu invaded the music to play some amazing 70's and 80's hits.

- Kebabs for Stu and Matt and avoiding munters on the bus homesies.

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