Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'ello Mushy Peas Edition #5: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

- On Sunday Stu and I went to all the markets around Brick Lane. My beady eyes spied many vintage shops that would have had to be visited later without the hungover boyfriend.
The choice of vintage at the markets was quite overwhelming as was the amount of Asian imports of things I could have bought in Korea, but there was a great atmosphere and cute little crafty stalls. We were so tired from the night before so we mulched around a bit and then cooked a delicious roast for dinner. Yumsies.

- I met up with my co-worker Suzie on Monday and we went to watch the change of guards at Buckingham Palace. So many tourists had already lined up hours before it started so we squeezed in amongst them with cameras ready, the funniest thing I found about it was that we, as I think everyone else had no idea what we were really waiting for.
Anyway, we just watched the guards march around a bit and then the brass band played an Abba medley (I did quite enjoy the irony of 'Dancing Queen') otherwise it was relatively boring.
 Suzie had her first ever fish & chips, they weren't as greasy as I would have liked hehe. 
We then headed over to the Tate modern. It was huge and I got to see one of my favourite artists Sophie Calle's work in the flesh! But again, there were too many people. I hate having squeeze around people to look at art - it completely defeats the experience.
Whoa that paragraph was totally pessimestic - It was actually a great but tiring day and I ticked off two London landmarks from my touristy list.

- Tuesday was the day that I visited all the Brick Lane vintage shops I had spied on Sunday.
Man, some of these shops were terrible!! One shop I went in to was so strange - they just put up racks of trendy vintage: so there was a rack of black tux jackets with the sleeves rolled up, a rack of pussy bow blouses, 70's woollen skirts that all had been hemmed to mini skirts and racks of denim cut offs. The joy of vintage for me is the search for something special and for everything to have already been picked and altered for the customer just makes it seem like a pretencious vintage Supre. ew.
I felt a little disheartened...but alas! I found two amazing wee places "Vintage Heaven" and "This shop rocks". If I was a millionaire, I would have bought everything it was SO BEAUTIFUL, oh man, I almost couldn't look at anything just incase I feel in love with something expensive.
I then met up with my awesome new friend Liz and we had delicious plum and apple pie from the Organic Supermarket cafe in Shoreditch. nom nom nom.

- Tescos in Tottenham: Amazing chavvy 14 year olds hanging round outside.
- Primark on Oxford St: So many ridiculous bargain hunters. This is the kind of place that gets trampled during sales.
- Topshop on Oxford St: Shite.
- China town: Almost felt like Korea.
- The Photographers Gallery: Amazing shows - ahhh good photography!
- The National Portrait Gallery: BUSY.
I loved these paintings:
- Fullham: I met up with my old high school bus buddy Caitlin. yay!

I've been spending the evenings just relaxing with Stu. If I lay down for more than 5 minutes and no one is talking to me, I fall asleep. I bet if teleporting existed, there would be no such thing as jet lag.

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