Wednesday, January 21, 2009

convenient korea #4: jimjilbang

I've had my second trip to the Jimjilbang and I thought this was a key convenient Korea blog post, because of this little thing:
You pay your 5,000 at the door, then go to a wee locker, put your shoes in it and then take the key bracelet. Now everything you pay for at the Jimjilbang gets scanned on this. CONVENIENT!
Tonight, Anisa and I grabbed some dinner: 5,000 and delicious: ding! it is scanned on the bracelet. 
I then spent the next 40 minutes laying in the salt sauna. Mmmmm so warmsies!
Here is the relaxing room where people watch Korean soap operas and hang out. In here you can also buy ice-cream treats and vibrate yourself on an electric band thingy.
Now, the next images had to be have already seen my interpretation of the inside of the baths here
Today I ventured into the body scrub room...which kind of went a bit like this: Sheer underwear wearing ajumma flopping my nakey body around while scrubbing a layer of my skin off. 15,000 Ding! 

Now with my skin being smoother than a babies bum, I shower off and I am now the cleanest I have ever been. I dry off and use the earbuds, hairdryer and moisturiser provided. CONVENIENT!
I take my bracelet to the counter and pay my tab. ding! ding! ding! donesies! 
Total relaxy time.


GW said...

i just had my first jimjibang experience

heavenly, ain't it? did you do the hot tub/cold tub thing? it changed me

Jenna said...

Oh man I really hate cold water! But maybe now I will have to try it!