Wednesday, January 7, 2009

convenient korea #1: mittens on string

So my amazing adult student Ellie introduced me to the amazing convenience of MITTENS ON STRING.
One class, I was speaking about how I was going sledding the next day and then in another unrelated conversation I was saying I had left my gloves in a the afternoon I get this phone call from Ellie saying she is outside the school. I go downstairs and she was like "I was worried you had no gloves for sledding - here we are!" and now I am the proud owner of mittens on string.
You just put the string through your jacket sleeves and then you can take off you mittens and put them on so easily. This red pair is not actually the ones Ellie got for me - these are for Stu. I will hand deliver them when I go to London in a few weeks. Yay!


mp3foley said...

You had some of these when you were little!

Jenna said...

wow! really? i guess i was re-introduced to mittens on a string!
What happened to them?