Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Here are some bits & pieces not worthy of an entire blog.

- Here is Yun Hongmin. I barely recognise his face as he spends a majority of my classes with his face against the wall. I think that the fact that is parents dress him in this hoodie maybe give some clues about his behaviour.

- I had my students get into a big fight on Monday - there was a bleeding nose and I intercepted just as a chair was about to be thrown. It was stressful.

- In one of my advanced classes I had to teach the word "Mental Illness". This was the picture associated with the word:

- In my class yesterday, the students had to write/draw a picture of what they would do with an object/thing like wood, matches etc. Below dog, one of my students drew a picture of a very happy person sitting at a plate of meat. She was dead serious.* Sometimes, even though I know i am in Korea I forget about the extreme cultural differences here. 
*This was just one student. The rest said they didn't eat dog.

- Haha I just got this if I need reminding!!

Jenna Todd, this is a reminder for


Thu Jan 22 – Mon Feb 2, 2009 
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