Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bad Deed ---> Good Deed

I was walking down the street yesterday, just minding my own business when I feel someone walking extremely close to me, I turn around and there is a pretty cool looking teenager rubbing up against my shoulder.

"Uhhhhh Excuse me, uh, uh, cigarette?"

I cross my hands in the Korean ultimate NO sign, "Sorry, me no smoking" (see what my english is reduced to?)

"No, no, me pay? You buy?

Here I am faced with a dilemma - should I buy cigarettes for this innocent, healthy lunged teenager? I know he is totally taking advantage of my foreign-ness. But I decide it is easier to buy them for him than try and explain the hazards of smoking in broken English.

So he hands me $2.50 and I head into Sing Sing mart to buy some Ma-bo-ru-ra green cigarettes, while Korean teenager skulks around outside. I ask the woman for some Ma-bo-ru-ra to which there is none! I stare blankly at the cigarette stand and grab another brand of methol cigarettes. 
I take them outside (the woman that just served me can see every moment of this) 

"Sorry, no Ma-bo-ru-ra but look - green!"

"No, no. I'm sorry. excuse me, money back?"

ARGH!! I try to do a help out a frustrated kid and this is what happens?!!! I walk towards the woman at the counter and return it for the cash. I can not interpret whether she thinks this is funny or she now hates me for aiding in the cancer of this boy. When I give him the cash, I can tell he wants to ask me to come to another store to try again but he is unable to ask me in english. I totally know you can buy them at the GS25 next door but I say sorry and leave, maybe giving this boy 3 minutes of life back. 


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