Friday, January 9, 2009

animal hats 4 LYFE!!

I read a recent post on Korea's street fashion blog that summed up animal hats in a great way:

Mixed with the continued desire for thick knits and the general acceptance of wearing really cute, fuzzy things, the animal hat trend will remain, especially on super-cold days when they can be partially rationalized — because they’re pretty darn warm. Expect the animal hat madness to continue as a normal thing in Korea, sort of like couple t-shirts, which is another thing that will simply never die, and exists according to its own, uniquely Korean logic.

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Ayumii said...

Hello, I was wondering if you would know where I could buy the white polar bear hat with the mittens attatched? I have been looking everywhere :(
If anything, do you know amyone that would buy it for me and I will give them the money and shipping?
You can contact me at