Friday, December 19, 2008


Being a teacher is certainly an interesting job and something that I never thought or imagined myself doing. I am learning very quickly the joys and difficulties of being a teacher and to be honest, sometimes it it is just exhausting.
I have this class of 4 boys that are definitely not the brightest stars in sky and this is not about them not being able to speak english. (Between the 4 of them they chose Russia as being Korea on a map - they're 10 years old).
By some unknown power they have managed to pass up 2 levels of G.E.C. by barely being able to read the alphabet. So, between the lessons being too difficult and them generally being cheeky wee shits they get bored and beat each other up. Every lesson. OR they spend the lesson asking me to play Big Bang! on youtube.

Even when I give them the answer I get zilch. Today we were learning desserts in the Quiz Room and they were given a flashcard with the word "Sundae" on it. They had to copy the word directly from the flashcard onto a white board with magnetic letters.
I got this:

But there is nothing I can really do, except adapt the lesson plan as much as possible to make it easier for them while teaching what I am told to teach - they have passed their test and they are Junior 1 students. I'm working on it.
It also doesn't help when there is a ringleader. This one spent most of today's lesson like this - the others actually work better if this kid is not distracting them.

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Kelsey said...

Wow. My students are pretty terrible, but at least they can spell. Then again, they're older.