Monday, December 15, 2008

She strikes again!

If my student Ellie were to write me an email everyday it would make me so happy! 

Hi~!! Miss Jenna.

How was your today, would you fine?

I wish you will be fine everyday~! ^-^

Oh, I've a massage for you.  

We decided the Christmas Eve party at the "Gal-Bee-Sung"  with you and all together.

( ...except one person, she's rainne, cause she should go to exercise chorus at the Church, she said sorry for you.)

For that day, I reserveded the restaurant  in Christmas Eve at 11:30.

How about you ? And,would you like that?

^_^ You would like that, say us later ~ , please.

On today, have you good dinner and your good times, Miss.Jenna!

See you next day on tuesday.

 - From your prettty student Ellie ^-^ -

PS : Also today, I wrote many confusing sentences or missed spells, I guess. ^_^

       Would you smiling at that! 

       And, thank you so much teaching us on every day!

And then I received this straight after:

Oh, I sent you the worst word!

Oh, I've a massage for you.  

-> Oh, I've a message for you.

 Hi Hi Hi, sorry !!


Lucinda said...

AW MAN! she's the cutest!!!!!

i'm so grinny after reading that. engrish makes me very happy.

Jenna said...

AND today she made me a sandwich for lunch! It was all wrapped in gladwrap with the crusts cut off.

ruichel said...

so this is the brown noser adult student.. i would watch out for her *suspicious eyes...
-not really clearly im jealous you get love letters and home made lunches:(