Monday, December 1, 2008

road crossing of DOOM

Here is what I am face with crossing the road in Korea.

There are 2 major problems:
a) It looks like a New Zealand pedestrian crossing - I have to fight every urge not to just step out onto the crosswalk.
b) I also have had years of looking right, left, right ingrained into my system. So, as I step out into the fake pedestrian crossing - I am also looking the wrong way.
c) As I step out on to the road, while not looking - the driver of the car about to hit me will not stop. This is because they will be watching TV while driving and will not notice me until I am smushed on their dashboard.
These are the reasons you should not be suprised when I am hit by a car. I am just saying.

Here are a couple of pictures I took over the weekend. The first is of beautiful light at a school we visited for "Hello GEC" on Friday. It also features a balloon sword and I love balloon swords.
The second is from a subway station with an amazing magazine cover of Obama with a broccoli head. Why does Obama have a broccoli head? Who knows, but it's cool.

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ruichel said...

OMG crossing the street in korea is the hugest slap in the face for pedestrians!!! even if a car sees your slowly about to cross the street, they will speed up nevertheless to zip by you almost running over your toes. it happened to me yesterdat INFRONT OF AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. the audacity