Wednesday, December 3, 2008

nom nom nom

I've always eaten Marmite - but I have never been obsessed with it but as soon as I had hit Korean shores all I wanted was some funky coloured, bitter yeast spread. It was a hard choice deciding on what other sweet NZ treats should be sent over to me* but my package arrived today! - man, I am scared to open anything I'm afraid it might not last...thanks mum!

I'm not sure if this chocolate will be good for my new silver fillings. My one and only filling felt out last week so after years of avoiding it I was off to our local dentist to get it filled.
Here is how the conversation went:
Dentist: "Decay...decay...decay...decay"
Me: (nods)
and here I am 2 days later - with 4 fillings and down $20.
"$20?!" you say "Don't you mean $2000?"
"Nope" I reply "I mean $20".
When you are paying next to nothing for dental care - you really don't feel the pain.

* I would have asked for some sparkles, snifters and tangy fruits if they were AVAILABLE!!


GW said...

holy f---ing sh-t $20 for a filling.

thank you for keeping such a nice blog. i'm in busan and have been following it since i was back in the states.

keep up the good blogging.

Jenna said...

That's $20 for FOUR fillings. It's briiliant!

Hey thanks for the great feedback! I am hoping to get down to busan and jeju island (I think they are close?) during my year. I hope you're enjoying your first week - it's pretty surreal huh?

ruichel said...

YUMMY cadbury milk chocolate!!! if you would be so kind to save me a SLIVER i will be grateful for all eternity! the chocolate here is alittle funky i find.... ive tried all of them :(