Monday, December 29, 2008

Koreans in the nudey

Being sick is getting rather boring so I decided to sweat this darn flu out of me the traditional way and head to the Korean Sauna. Otherwise known to foreigners as the "naked sauna".
I was given a pair of uniform shorts and t-shirt and sent off to the women's area. The amount of naked Korean minge that was around was initially quite confronting but I changed quickly and moved to the common "clothed" area and lay in some sweet cave like saunas. My favourite was the salt room where you lay on big rocks of salt and I felt like I was in a incubator. There were also a herb room, coal room, a lovely scented peppermint room and a cold room.
So it seems that Koreans go to the spa and just chill out and sweat, watch T.V., eat some dinner, go to the gym - all in one big communal family fest. Then the women and men separate, get all naked, scrub each others backs then sit in the spa. It was quite a bizarre feel but quite relaxing - I don't know if I'll ever quite get used to the nakedness.
Alas, taking photos in this room would be extra creepy so imagine these drawings but then like x100 women.

Afterwards I felt so warm and sleepy I feel I must go back. I am also building up the confidence to get a layer of my skin scrubbed off my a sheer underwear wearing ajumma. mmm sexy.

Also, I have decided I have a fear of going to the doctor. In case of hospitalisation. So at the moment I am sticking this thing out in comfort of Dorm Room 208.

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