Saturday, December 20, 2008

Korean Antiquey Places

Last weekend we went to an amazing antique market. If I was a millionaire (in dollars) with a house to decorate - I could have gone crazy. Not that everything was too expensive, but now is not the time for my obsession with vintage clothing to turn into an obsession with antique furniture.
Anyway, every nook and cranny was crammed full of ornately painted dressers, intricate wooden screens, old cameras (I completely ignored these for my wallets safety), birdcages, vases and of course sitting amongst these treasures were gorgeous ajummas.Where is this market? I have no idea - well, it is in Seoul somewhere. But I was in one of those following, not paying attention where we were moods. But I do want to go back. So I will find out where we were later...

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Kelsey said...

If you find it again, let me know!